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Make Christmas amazing with your very own Scout elf!
5 November, 2020 by
Online Now! Elf On The Shelf
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Christmas is fast approaching, and this year it seems to have arrived quicker than ever!

We all know that the Christmas season doesn't officially begin until your Elf on the Shelf finds his or her way out of their box and into your daily life (even if it's not high on your favourite activities list). Despite (often) being a lot of work, seeing the smiles on your kids' faces makes it all worth while. 

(Disclaimer: Ideas, inspiration and images have been taken from unless otherwise stated. These are provided in this blog post as helpful ideas and are in no way our own creations.) 

A bit of Elf on the Shelf History:

The creators of Elf on the Shelf are mother-daughter duo, Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell. They formulated the rules and ideas, taking inspiration from a much loved family tradition.

The rules are as follows:

Rule 1: You inform your kids that at the end of every day, the Elf will report back to Santa and say whether they have been naughty or nice.

Rule 2: After his journey to the North Pole, he returns to a new spot in the house every day.

Rule 3: If the kids touch the Elf, all his magic will disappear, so on top of everything else that you are tasked with doing over Christmas, you are now the official Elf mover, finding a new resting space every morning.

The month of December can really drag on, and it can be quite a challenge to create new and creative scenarios and locations for your Elf. Luckily, we have become Elf Scouts and have scoured the globe to give you some easy and festive Elf on the Shelf ideas!

Firstly, Adopt your Elf!

We have boy and girl Elves available!

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Make sure you remember to give your Elf a name, that's one of the best bits! Once named, he or she can begin their employment of reporting nightly to Santa and reappearing among your home each day!

Idea 1: Clowning Around


For this idea, all you need is your mischievous Elf, a family photo and some red pom poms! Your Elf has been quite silly, and has taped small red pom-poms to one of your family photos! Wearing one too of course. This can be taken one step further and even leave a note that asks the family as a whole, to do something silly together, like have a joke sharing session or wearing silly hats!

Idea 2: Holiday Elf-Ercise

It's time for your Elf to get off the shelf and get physical instead!

Now that your elf has returned from the North Pole is back, they can add some yoga into their daily routine to ensure they remain in tip top shape during the Christmas season. The included stretches and poses help to give them the ability to hang out in high above places, as well as helping them keep their balance during their devilish stunts. Of course, the forward fold all elves favourite pose; it helps prepare and train their bodies to reach even the furthest candy bowl on the counter. 

Idea can be found at

Idea 3: Candy Cane Sleds

This activity is fun and easy! All you need is some candy canes, hot glue gun, clear hair elastic (or something similar) and a pipe-cleaner.

Use the hot glue gun to bond the candy canes together, like the picture to the left. Once dry, position your Elf on top and secure with a clear hair elastic. Once secured, a pipe-cleaner can be used to attach the sled riding Elf to the banister of your staircase. Easy!

Idea and images taken from

Idea 4: All Tied Up

This activity is a quick yet guaranteed crowd pleaser! All you need is some thick yarn/string/wool, individually wrapped confectionery, some cellophane or tissue paper and a piece of paper and a pen!

Firstly, your nifty elf will tightly wrap a small handful of confectionery in cellophane/tissue paper. Then that ball of delicious treats will be wrapped in yarn/string/wool so that that the treats inside are completely hidden. The final step is to sit your elf next to the hidden treat surprise, alongside a note asking for the ball to be unraveled and a treat exposed! 

Idea can be found at

So what are you waiting for? Grab your own Elf and prepare for your best Christmas yet!

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Online Now! Elf On The Shelf
Ryft Website 5 November, 2020
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