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Willow Tree figurative sculptures are designed and created by artist Susan Lordi. They are the perfect gift to celebrate all occasions in life and speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire the recipient. From the momentous celebration of birth to a reminder to treasure relationships special to you, these sculptures make meaningful gifts that don’t age and can be kept throughout all stages of life.

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Beautiful in its simplicity, the intimate Willow Tree range features gorgeous carvings by Susan Lordi. The expressions of the figurines are revealed only through gesture, through which the emotion of each piece is left open to interpretation by the giver and receiver. Each figurine easily portrays the essence of a range of emotions from happiness to courage, love, understanding, hope, and kindness. A sculpture from Willow Tree is a beautiful and highly personal gift that is full of sentiment.

Bespoke Willow Tree Figurines Australia

Each of these figures is cast from Susan Lordi’s original carvings and then painted individually by hand. The products of which are stunning bespoke figurines that portray the love between a mother and a child, the bond between a sister and brother, or the everlasting friendship and love that exists between a dog and its owner. Each piece has different sentiments for different people, as Susan leaves the interpretation of the meaning and personality behind her work to the giver and receiver of the gift.

Figurative Sculptures by Susan Lordi

Susan Lordi hand carves the initial sculpture for Willow Tree in her studio in Kansas City Missouri, where she spends a lot of time in nature and also practices making art with cloth. She works to leave the interpretation of each figurine open to the viewer but hopes to express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope, and all other emotions of a life well lived in her works.

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Choose from figures that remind us of the things and people we hold dear, nativity sets, angela, a signature collection, and more. This collection of sculptures offers pure and uncomplicated gestures that speak volumes... without words. The characteristics of ourselves and the people that we cherish most are represented by Willow Tree sculptures. The intangible but priceless gifts of friendship and generosity, love and gratitude are offered by figures and angels. Susan uses personal events from her own life to illustrate universal feelings that are fresh and relevant.


The Willow Tree figurines by Susan Lordi masterfully convey universal themes of love, intimacy, healing, courage, and hope—all the feelings she believes are indicative of a life well lived. Since its debut in 2000, Willow Tree has gained a devoted following of clients from all around the world who appreciate its beautiful motions, simple form, and cutting-edge surface design.


There are circumstances in which a special occasion gift is required... when the perfect situation calls for non-verbal expression of feelings to a friend, partner, spouse, or family member. Willow Tree sculptures are a lovely and poignant way to express ideas and emotions. Recipients of your gifts will be able to look at the sculpture and experience the support, love, thanks, and hope you meant. Figurative sculptures by Willow Tree serve as an enduring, material remembrance of both the gift-giver and the momentous occasion.


Through gestures, each figure conveys a distinct personality. Each Willow Tree figurine, whether it be a grandma and her grandson, sisters, a mother and child, a toddler, or a couple figurine, reflects relationships in our life. A meaningful image of those closest to us can be made by connecting people to one another, which is how Willow Tree achieves its beauty.

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