What is a Funko Soda Figure? 

Add a refreshing twist to your collection with Funko Soda! Figures. They look just like cans of soda pop, but they're so much better than a soft drink. These adorable 4.25 inch vinyl figures come packaged in a real soda-like can (thankfully, with no liquid) along with a collectible POG-Shaped collectible card for each character. Plus, each endlessly collectible Vinyl Soda Can will offer a chance to find a rare chase variant of the figure inside, and  since there's no window on the can, you won't know if you have the Chase until you open it!

Why Are Funko Soda Figures So Popular? 

Some key benefits of having Vinyl Soda Figures:

  • Limited quantities are released, making almost all Vinyl Soda Figures rare.

  • Small in size and easy to keep

  • Get three collectibles: The soda can, Funko Soda Figure, and the collectible disc. 

  • Opening the can does not decrease its value.

  • The excitement of not knowing if you have a regular or Chase Variant until you pop the top!