Disney Princess - Layer Cake Backpack - Loungefly

It’s Disney Princesses meets baking in this delicious design by Loungefly!

This scrumptious-looking backpack is made to resemble a layer cake based on the aesthetics of Disney Princesses! At the bottom, the first layer is based on the elegance of Belle’s ball gown, finished with delicate red roses. The next layer is inspired by Rapunzel’s corset, accompanied by a paint palette and a brush. Above, covered in gradient scales is a layer based on Ariel, finished with a purple shell. At the top, the final layer is adorned with details of Tiana’s gown, topped off with her crown.

Detachable from the backpack is a matching coin purse, though its cake design actually features more princesses! Cinderella’s sparkling blue gown takes its place as the base layer, while Pocahontas’ necklace is the feature of the next layer adorned with colourful leaves. The cake is topped off with Mulan, featuring the colours of her dress decorated with magnolia flowers.

Product Features:

Detachable matching coin purse
Faux leather
Adjustable shoulder straps
Printed details

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