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What is a Ty Beanie Boo? Only the newest and most popular plush toy to add to your collection! These small, charming toy creatures known as Beanie Boos have huge, gorgeous eyes. They are produced by the Ty toy business, which is best known for their Beanie Babies dolls. A heart-shaped tag is attached to each Beanie Boo friend so you can identify your collectable, huggable pal. Write your name on it to make sure it never goes missing!

The Ty Beanie Boo series of toys appreciates in value over time, much like other Ty Beanies. So grab your authentic Ty product from Ryft right away if you want the trendiest, most desirable toys around. We send Beanie Boos Australia-wide!

The History Of Ty Beanie Boos

Beanie Boos are attractive, colorful collectible plush toys. They are made by Ty Warner Inc., which is a subsidiary of Jakks Pacific. The toys are bean-filled, have large, glittery eyes, and are made to the finest quality standards. They are also known for their "poem" on their familiar heart shaped tag. The first Ty Beanie Boo was introduced in July 2009. As of December 2019, there are over 600 characters for you to collect, including large Beanie Boos, with more coming out every few months!

What Makes Ty Beanie Boos So Popular?

Beanie Boos became popular for several reasons. First, they were relatively inexpensive compared to other soft plush toys on the market. Second, their big eyes and cute poems appealed to children and adults alike. Third, each plush toy had a distinct personality, which made them even more collectible. Lastly, Ty Warner Inc. did an excellent job marketing the cuddly toys through social media and online videos.

All of these factors helped Ty Beanie Boos become one of the most popular collectible plush toys on the market today, much the same way Beanie Babies were! If you're looking for a fun, affordable plush toy to add to your collection, Beanie Boos are a great option.

Different Types Of Beanie Boos


Your cuddly, lovable companions, Ty Squish-a-Boos, are at your disposal wherever you go. Squish-a-Boos love to play, just like your favourite Ty Beanie Boos, and are made of colourful, cuddly fabric. You may use them as a cushion or carry them anywhere because they are available in medium (10") and big (14"). Snuggle up to your Squish-a-Boo whenever you need by picking your favourite Squish-a-Boo characters or collecting them all.


These Boos are the perfect accessory to any party. They feature a color changing reversible silk that changes from sparkly glitter when brushed up or down, with every boo having sparkling eyelets made out of glimmering sequins!


Ty Puffies are little Beanie Boos that resemble balls and are the size of your palm! Puffies are adorable, cuddly, and even include your favourite Beanie Boo characters. They are available in a number of colours. Ty Puffies plush balls want to be held and played with thanks to their enormous sparkling eyes and glittering embellishments on their ears and feet. Puffies are designed to be tossed around and always come to their feet! If you can, capture them!


When you need to clean your phone, but don't want the hassle of taking it out and putting back in again? Peek-A-Boos are here for you! Simply attach them with the holder on their lap. The soft microfiber material on the Boo’s bottom cleans both screen AND lens without any risk or discomfort at all - perfect if there's an accident while playing games or using apps.

Beanie Boos Australia

If you’re looking to make online orders for Beanie Boos, shop with Ryft - Australia’s best store for adorable collectibles. We have a huge range on our website (depending on availability), with Beanie Boo stock coming in all kinds of colours.

If you’re looking to buy an authentic Ty product, check out our categories through the filters tab and search items to purchase that are suitable for all ages. We offer affordable prices and free delivery on any order over $150!

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Groot (Marvel) Regular - Ty Beanie Babies
12.99 14.99 12.99 AUD
Captain America (Marvel) - Ty Beanie Babies
12.99 14.99 12.99 AUD
Captain America (Marvel) 35cm - Ty Squishy Beanies
23.99 29.99 23.990000000000002 AUD
The Hulk (Marvel) Regular - Ty Beanie Babies
12.99 14.99 12.99 AUD
Iron Man (Marvel) Regular - Ty Beanie Babies
12.99 14.99 12.99 AUD
The Hulk (Marvel) 35cm - Ty Squishy Beanies
23.99 29.99 23.990000000000002 AUD
Spiderman Ty Beanie Boos Marvel Regular
12.99 14.99 12.99 AUD
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