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Squishmallows are made from super soft marshmallow-like, lovable plush. Available in all shapes and sizes, including the popular 12-inch Squishmallows!

The plush toys from Squishmallows are coming to warm your hearts! Since 2017, the adaptable Squishmallows have expanded into a global phenomenon that serves as pals, couch buddies, bedroom buddies, and travel teammates while providing comfort, support, and warmth. Young fans can aim to be like any of their favourite characters because there are more than 1,000 Squishmallows characters to collect. For added amusement, each Squishmallow has a special name and plot.

The polyester-based collection of lovable companions was invented by Kellytoy and is available in a range of sizes, from 3.5-inch clip-ons to 24-inch Squishmallows XL! Other designs, including Hug MeesTM, Stackables, Mystery Squad, Flip-A-Mallows, and others, have been added to the Squishmallows product line.

Squishmallows - FAQs

What Kinds Of Squishmallows Can I Get?

There are all sorts of Squishmallows to choose from these days! If you're a fan of the Korean pop group BTS, you can pick up a BTS Squishmallows. Or if you're more of a Hogwarts student, there are Harry Potter Squishmallows! There are even Squishmallows designed to look like different dog breeds, which means you could get a golden retriever, black lab, or Pomeranian Squishmallow! No matter what your interests are, there's sure to be a set of Squishmallows that's perfect for you!

What Are The Best Ways To Take Care Of My Squishmallows?

Please use caution while handling any sharp things when opening your new Squishmallows package to prevent unintentionally hurting the new member of your squad.

Do not panic if something accidentally lands on your Squishmallow!

Squishmallows can be cleaned by using a moist cloth to the afflicted area and spot washing. Simple stain remover pens or wet wipes can be used to aid with tiny stains. Squishmallows shouldn't be immersed in water or cleaned in your machine washer. The filling within the Squishmallow will be distorted as a result, and the texture of your object will probably alter on both the inside and the exterior.

Let your Squishmallow dry naturally. Your Squishmallows should NOT be dried with a hairdryer, dryer, iron, or any other hand-held hot instrument.

Squishmallows could come from the manufacturer with an additional thread poking out; this is uncommon but does happen. If you see a thread that is unravelled, don't yank it out; instead, snip it off as near to the seam as you can to stop it from unravelling further.

How Do I Fluff My Squishmallows?

Your Squishmallows could have arrived vacuum packaged for protection during transport. Please follow these instructions to fluff your Squishmallows:

  1. Carefully take the Squishmallows out of their plastic vacuum-sealed box.

  2. After removing the newcomer from its packing, add them to your Squad and leave them out for a few of hours.

  3. Hug, fluff, and reposition the oh-so-soft filling until your plush pal takes on their desired form.

  4. Go on fresh adventures with your Squishmallow!

Manly Squishmallow Sellers

Ryft is the top online retailer of Squishmallows Australia-wide! Customer happiness is our first concern, and we consistently go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Friends and family will adore our range, and for those wishing to expand their collections, our products are perfect. You may depend on us to constantly have the ideal little item for people who are challenging to buy for. Click on your favourite Squishmallow to add your favourite products to your cart, or if you have an account, enter into it for a faster checkout!

Easter 2024
Easter 2024
Easter 2024
Easter 2024
Peppa Pig 10" Hugmees Squishmallows
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Christmas 2023
Christmas 2023
Christmas 2023
Christmas 2023
Elsa The Lamb - Squishmallows 10" Hugmees
14.99 14.99 14.99 AUD
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