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Titanium Credit Card Tool - W&W
How can something so small be so useful? This is the little gadget that you never knew you needed! The Credit Card Tool is no bigger than a bank card but can be used for 15 different things: a cutting edge, a large flathead screwdriver, a bottle opener, a 3.3mm spoke key, a 34.5mm spoke key, a moustache and beard comb, a small flathead screwdriver, a phone stand, a nail or wood file, a 4cm ruler, a nail pry, a 6.5mm accessory bit driver, a saw blade, a series of wrenches (10,8,6,5,4mm) and a box or line cutter. With a Titanium finish for maximum durability, the Credit Card Tool comes in a nifty tin to take with you anywhere and everywhere.
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Gentlemen's Hardware Camping Cutlery Tool Acacia Wood & Stainless Finish
The only tool you'll ever need by the campfire! Gentlemen's Hardware presents the Camping Cutlery Tool, a multi-functional and exceptionally durable cutlery tool with a fork, knife, spoon, corkscrew, bottle and can opener, as well as a short blade. The handiest of compact camping accessories, each stainless steel utensil folds neatly into a smart wood handle, and the fork and spoon are detachable for mealtimes. The Camping Cutlery Tool comes in a Gentlemen's Hardware signature-style presentation box and makes the perfect gift for camping enthusiasts everywhere.
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Campfire Poker - W&W
Go all-in with this Gentlemen's Hardware Campfire Poker set. Including 120 stackable bottle cap chips in red, black and silver and a deck of waterproof playing cards, this set is sure to up the ante. Each all-weather playing card comes fully illustrated with a different survival tip or fact, ideal for pit-stops in the great outdoors. Stowed in a compact, transportable tin with full instructions for Texas Hold'em, the set would make a great addition to any camping trip, fishing excursion or outdoor adventure.
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Cheese Board & Knife Set - W&W
Cheese and wine serving set. Includes a branded acacia wood serving board with a painted handle, corkscrew and bottle opener tool and a painted stainless steel cheese knife with a wooden handle. Equip gastro-gents with all the essentials with our Gentlemen's Hardware Kitchenware collection. Size: 175 x 435 x 25mm
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Muddler & Glass Jar Cocktail - W&W
Muddler & Glass Jar Cocktail Set
Muddler and glass jar cocktail kit. Includes a branded mason jar with a metal screw lid, built-in strainer and a removable stainless steel jigger. Acacia wood muddler with painted handle.
Jar capacity: 500ml
Jigger capacity: 20ml/40ml
Box size: 203 x 113 x 803mm
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Granite & Soap Stone Whisky - W&W
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Bicycle Repair Kit - W&W
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Marine Multi-Tool - W&W
Marine Multi -Tool
8-in-1 Multi-Tool for Sailors and Fishermen. Includes Fish Scaler / Hook Remover, Shackle Key, Phillips Screwdriver, Knife Blade, Tin / Bottle Opener and Marlin Spike

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BBQ Tools - W&W
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Silver Torch - W&W
Silver Torch
Silver click-on LED torch with black rubber grip, packaged in a two-piece kraft box.

Box Size: 57 x 154 x 51mm
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Waiters Friend Acacia Wood & Stainless Steel - W&W
Three of life's essentials in this hand-sized hero. The Gentlemen's Hardware titanium-coated Bottle Opener, Corkscrew and Knife will stand the test of time, and it's small enough to take with you everywhere and anywhere - it's a genuine Gentlemen's Hardware classic!

Box: 32 x 15 x 70mm
Product: 15 x 100 x 20mm
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Nut Cracker Legs Brass Coated - W&W
Nut Cracker Legs Brass Coated
Brass coated steel nutcracker, with legs design.

Box: 35 x 160 x 95mm
Product: 20 x 35 x 113mm
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Enamel Espresso Set - W&W
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Charcoal Canvas Wallet - W&W
Size: 25 x 125 x 101mm.

Give credit where it's due with this charcoal canvas wallet from Gentlemen's Hardware. The slim canvas card holder keeps your essential cards with you on the go. A handsome charcoal canvas design with leather-effect detailing. A perfect gift for any gent.
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Enamel Tumblers Set Of 3 - W&W
Enamel Tumblers Set of 3
Trio of enamel tumblers. Comes in cream, blue and black. Reads ‘The Adventure Begins’, ‘The Adventure Continues’ and ‘The Adventure Never Ends’.

Capacity: 400ml
Size: 150 x 320 x 60mm

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Serving Paddle & Shot Glasses - W&W
Serving Paddle & Shot Glasses
Shot serving paddle made from acacia wood engraved with the quote 'Give Your Best Shot'. Includes a set of four shot glasses, painted black handle and real leather hanging tie.
Size: 375 x 325 x 300mm
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Enamel Mug Blue - W&W
Popular enamel mug featuring the words ‘The Adventure Begins’ and compass detail on the base.
Capacity: 400ml
Size: 80 x 90 x 90mm
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Survival Kit - W&W
Survival Kit
Handy survival kit including; compass, fire starter, 6-in-1 penknife, tweezers, 210cm rope, wire saw and 10 safety pins. Packaged in a branded tin.
Tin size: 84 x 134 x 21mm
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Pocket Bicycle Multi-Tool - W&W
Pocket Bicycle Multi-Tool Acacia Wood & Titanium Finish
Cyclists tool kit stored in a wooden box. Includes ball end hex key set, chain breaker tool, spanner set, socket tri-tool and more.

Product: 92 x 62 x 28
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Campfire Survival Cards - W&W
Campfire Survival Cards
Never go unprepared on your adventures with Gentlemen's Hardware Campfire Survival Playing Cards. Featuring 52 all-weather illustrated playing cards, each of the waterproof cards includes a survival tip or fact on the reverse, from starting a black signal fire to what to do in the event of a bear attack, you'll be ready for any situation.

The deck includes two additional joker cards, featuring the iconic 'The Adventure Begins' motto. Great addition to any camping trip, fishing excursion, outdoor adventure.
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