Meet the Ty Beanie Bellies, our newest friends at Ryft!
Due to arrive in April 2022, these little guys are sure to disappear quickly!
30 March, 2022 by
Meet the Ty Beanie Bellies, our newest friends at Ryft!
Nicole O'Hara

Beanie Bellies are a brand new TY range in 2022. The new Beanie Bellies are just too cute, they sit upright and are posable too. 

Ty Beanie Bellies are made with super soft fabric and the adorable big, sparkly glitter eyes. we know and love. Ty Beanie Bellies are uniquely shaped, sitting in an attentive pose.
Each Ty Beanie Bellies includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem.

Let's meet them all!!!

Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Ace German Shepherd

Birthday: May 25th

More than just the best guard dog around, Beanie Belly Ace is your new favorite adventure buddy. Sitting attentively and following your lead, how can you resist this fluffy face and puppy dog eyes?

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Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Clawdia Tiger

Birthday: April 5th

Clawdia the Beanie Belly tiger is anything but ferocious! This big cat is a fun furriend that can be easily posed for any game or storytime. Her cute, little paws are embroidered and ready to play! 

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Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Duncan Bear

Birthday: July 28th

Duncan has arrived to give a whole new meaning to bear hug! Always grinning from ear to ear, an embrace will surely turn your frown upside down. Just make sure to hide your honey or you might find these embroidered paws too sticky to hold!

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Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Miso Siamese

Birthday: June 1st

Miso is your favorite siamese kitty. This little one has a beautiful white, grey and black coat. and cute little embroidered, pink paws. Sitting up straight with a tiltable head, Beanie Belly Miso won't miss a thing! Ready to listen and play with you anytime.

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Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Mitzi Tabby Cat

Birthday: January 18th

Beanie Belly Mitzi is sure to be a purrific friend. Poised in sitting position, this cool cat is ready for anything, you can even tilt her head! This tabby's cute little paws are embroidered, not the best for catching a mouse, but great for holding hands.

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Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Skylar Unicorn

Birthday: May 22nd

This snuggly, soft and sweet unicorn is ready to be invited to your next play date! Beanie Belly Skylar may not have hands to hold a tea cup, but is always up for a game of hide and seek or a round of duck-duck-goose. Just watch out for the shiny golden horn!

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Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Wilfred Dog

Birthday: August 12th

"I may be tiny, but I have a big heart. I can do tricks. I’m really smart! I’ll sleep by your side when we’re in bed. Or up on your pillow right by your head."

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Ty Beanie Bellies - Regular Ying Panda

Birthday: March 11th

Ying the cute Beanie Belly panda has big green eyes and is here to make your day! Sitting alert and is ready to play, when not snacking on bamboo! With soft black and white fur, Ying is surely up for any adventure.

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Meet the Ty Beanie Bellies, our newest friends at Ryft!
Nicole O'Hara 30 March, 2022
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