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Toasty Toes this Winter
We've curated a list of the best winter footwear to keep your toes toasty this winter! Read all about Sploshies, Nuzzles and Slumbies, and ensure you're making the right choice for your feet!
20 May, 2021 by
Toasty Toes this Winter

With the weather starting to take a cold turn, now is the perfect time to get your winter footwear sorted! We've all felt the cold seeping from the floor and straight through our socks, taking all the warmth away from our feet. Socks just aren't enough, but who wants to wear shoes inside 24/7? Mind you, Ugg Boots are great, but they're often loud with their solid soles and lets face it, no one wants them on the couch. 

The solution? A pair of Sploshies, Nuzzles or Slumbies! Or one of each if you want to cover absolutely all bases.. Below you can find some information on each product range, and make an informed choice on what product will be keeping your toes toasty this winter!


The new fluffier, softer & cheekier slippers on the block. Designed in Australia, the Sploshies collection features a variety of fun, bright & quirky designs.

Sploshies are extra soft & ultra-lightweight, making for the perfect slipper all-year-round. 

Sploshies also feature non-skid soles, are durable and even machine washable. Available in 70+ styles across 17 collections in Women’s, Men’s, Kids, Toddlers and Baby - there’s something a little bit fun, cheeky and stylish available for the entire family.


Bold, humorous & original Sploshies Men’s Duos are the perfect mix of fun & functional! They're machine washable, have non-slip soles and their lining is made from soft, fluffy sherpa fleece!


There is a vast range of Women's Sploshies available! Sploshies Women’s Duos are the perfect mix of fun & functional, while the Sploshies Women’s Petals are elegant and timeless in their design.

Kids/ Toddler/ Baby

There's a variety of Kids, Toddlers and Baby Sploshies available! We think the adorably cute & incredibly fluffy, custom hand-sewn 3D animal designs in the Sploshies Baby Animal collection are too cute to miss!

Shop the whole range here! 

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When socks aren’t enough and slippers are too much... Nuzzles sherpa socks will be with you every step of the way!

Extra snuggly fleece lined, these are socks to warm your sole!

Nuzzles have non-slip silicon soles and are easy care machine washable. These unique designs will have you scooting around the house in style!
The Nuzzles range caters for the whole family! You can ensure there's no more freezing feet syndrome for Mum, Dad, the Kids, Toddler AND Baby! These beauties will have everyone's feet protected. 


Put an end to having his cold feet near you on the lounge by grabbing him a pair of warm and super comfy Nuzzles!


Nuzzles combine the comfort of socks with the practicality of slippers. A match made in heaven? We think so!

Kids/ Toddler/ Baby

We all know how much the young ones like to run around, and how often that running turns into falling over. With their non-slip soles, Nuzzles allows them to be warm and safe at the same time!

Shop the whole range here! 

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A cosy foot covering for around the house, the Slumbies range come in a variety of quirky styles and are a unique way of showing personality and style!

All of the products in the Slumbies range feature durable non-skid soles and are easy to clean as they're machine washable! We currently only stock the Men's and Women's ranges, but who said parents can't be stylish?  


There’s no sneaking up on style with a print that will catch your eye, and a fit that’s oh-so-familiar. The men’s Slumbies pairables range come in a variety of quirky styles!


A cosy foot covering for around the house, the women’s Slumbies pairables range come in a variety of great and kooky designs!

Shop the whole range here!

Shop Slumbies!

Made your decision yet? No matter what range you go with, we are sure that with a pair of Sploshies, Nuzzles or Slumbies in your wardrobe, you'll be ready to tackle this winter with your best foot forward!

Toasty Toes this Winter 20 May, 2021
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