Cinnamon Chai Wax Melt - WoodWick Candles

Cinnamon Chai combines warm, spicy cinnamon with rich vanilla notes.

Woodwick Candles Australia Features:

Size: 6 Large cubes
Fragrance Time: Minimum 8 hours per cube

The amazing fragrances of WoodWick are available in a new premium wax melt. Each highly scented melt is perfect for use in our electric wax melter or any simmer pot or oil burner. Each pack contains 6 large cubes and fragrances last for a minimum of 8 hours.

WoodWick candles bring together the perfect mix of old world charm and modern fragrance. WoodWick candles use only the best natural ingredients in their candle line to produce fresh scents that fill your home. Only natural components are mixed with the soy wax... never any harsh artificial ingredients.

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