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    Following the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the new print is now available!

    A fun new card game to swear at your friends while becoming smarter in the process
    Identifying our colour and word cards can be difficult for your brain to register, this is done in the more cognitive areas of the brain.
    Many swear words do not go through the same areas of the brain and can go straight out. Tourettes syndrome or when you stub your toe for example.

    Add the two together, along with our rules and you get a lot of laughs.
    There is more strategy to this game than meets the eye. It's not just a game to swear, although people do seem to enjoy this. :)
    Please read the rules page to fully understand the game.

    Ages: 18+ | Players: 3-8

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    This is a great social card game that will f**k with your head by using a hysterically tricky combination of colours and swear words:

    • Players take turns to flip over a card and shout out what they see.
    • Depending on your card, you might say its background colour, its text colour or a swear word.
    • Keep playing until someone f**ks up and is forced to pick up all the cards.
    • The winner is the first player to get rid of their cards.

    It sounds simple, but the cards use a psychological phenomenon – the Stroop effect – known to mess with your head and delay your brain’s response. Players can’t help but f**k up, sending the group into fits of laughter.
    Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can take the game to a whole new level with more rules, more strategy and you can even create your own rules.

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