Doggie's Waterhole - Didgeridoonas

Fetching sticks is thirsty work!

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    This combination does not exist.


    Unfurl this puppy and you’ve got a fully waterproof dog bowl, roll it up and it’ll fit in your palm. How good’s that? The outside is oilskin; it’s tough and won’t mind a bit of mud or dirt. The inside is rot resistant, waterproof PVC so if you give it a good clean when you get home you need not worry about mould.

    Now, here’s the best part: it’s got a strong metal clip, so you don’t even need to carry it yourself! It can be clipped to Fido’s collar (or your bag, if Fido is very little).


    • Rugged oilskin outer so you don’t have to worry much about wear and tear.
    • 380gsm, waterproof inner to hold up to 2L of water.
    • Folds and rolls up into small package for easy transport.
    • Clip to your dog’s collar or your bag and you can go hands free.