Disney Lorcana Trading Cards First Chapter Amber/Amethyst Starter Deck

Disney Lorcana Trading Cards First Chapter Amber/Amethyst Starter Deck

Bringing together Disney’s century of storytelling experience and Ravensburger’s 140 years of games excellence, Disney Lorcana is the world’s most welcoming trading card game (TCG) and the ultimate Disney collectible.

This fantastical and collectible trading card game transports two or more players to the wondrous realm of Lorcana. Here, players become “Illumineers” and wield magical inks to summon “glimmers” - Disney characters shown in both familiar ways and as you’ve never seen them before. Players explore the realms of Lorcana alongside their teams of glimmers as they race to be the first to collect 20 “lore.” In each game, players will play characters, actions, and items from their hands and choose whether to have their characters “quest” for lore or challenge opponents to slow them down.

Each Disney Lorcana starter deck includes everything a player needs to start playing against another player who has their own deck. Through these decks, players get a taste of the rich story and varied characters of Disney Lorcana.

Each starter deck includes:

(1) Prebuilt deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards
(11) Damage counters
(1) Paper playmat
(1) Paper tracker token
(1) Quick-Start rules sheet
(1) Bonus booster pack of 12 randomized cards

Amber and Amethyst Deck

This deck features loyal and empathic Amber characters, who focus on supporting their teammates, and mysterious Amethyst characters who can harness magical powers to help you achieve your goals. A great choice for players who like drawing cards and having lots of characters in play.

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