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The Australian Can Cooler - Didgeridoonas Australia

There are no frills to the Stockman’s Stubbie Holder. And it’s still a cut above the rest.

This stubbie holder can keep your drink chilled for hours. But it doesn’t need fancy technology and gimmicks to do that. The Australian wool inside the stubbie holder has kept sheep warm for thousands of years. Now, it’s going to keep thousands of your drinks cold for hours.

Made from Australian wool and oilskin, this stubbie holder is as dinkum as it gets.


Robust and weatherproof oilskin makes the Stockman’s Stubbie Holder durable and long-lasting.
Insulated with 100% Australian wool to keep your stubbie cool for hours.
Fits standard stubbies, cans and long-necked bottles.
Simple, functional design: you’re not paying for any cheap tricks.

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