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Personalised, AND refillable antibacterial hand gel! These pocket sized hand sanitisers feature an easy clip attachment, and their 62% alcohol antibacterial gel blend is lightly scented with summer fruits. Not to mention it leaves your hands feeling hydrated and germ free.

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Personalised Hand Sanitiser Name Selection Artists or Backpackers or Bakers or Best Friends or Businessman's or Campers or Cat Lovers or Chocoholics or Commuters or DIY'ers or Dog Lovers or Festival Goers or Gardeners or Germophobes or Globe Trotters or Gym Junkies or Manitisers or Mothers or Princesses or Revive and Sanitise or Shopaholics or Sport Stars or Students or Teachers or Amanda or Amelia or Amy or Angela or Anna or Ava or Bella or Charlotte or Chloe or Christine or Claire or Danielle or Debbie or Elizabeth or Ella or Ellie or Emily or Emma or Eva or Evie or Georgia or Grace or Hannah or Harper or Hayley or Helen or Isabella or Isla or Jane or Jasmine or Jennifer or Jessica or Joanne or Julie or Karen or Kim or Kylie or Laura or Lauren or Leanne or Lily or Linda or Lisa or Louise or Lucy or Maddie or Maddison or Margaret or Maria or Matilda or Melissa or Michelle or Mia or Natalie or Natasha or Nicole or Olivia or Patricia or Rachel or Rebecca or Ruby or Samantha or Sandra or Sarah or Scarlet or Sharon or Sienna or Sophie or Stephanie or Susan or Wendy or Zoe

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