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Lilo and Stitch - Experiment 626 Mini Backpack - Loungefly

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    Everyone knows how much Loungefly loves this little walking ball of destruction. Here he is in his original outfit, reimagined as a great Loungefly Mini Backpack!

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    Experiment 626, AKA Stitch, is an illegal, genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba. After escaping the Galactic Armada, he crash landed on earth, where he met the lonely girl Lilo. Through her love and support, Stitch was able to leave his evil programming behind and become reformed as a kind and gentle creature.

    Constructed from a faux leather design, this 10" Mini Backpack features Stitch looking menacing yet somehow adorable. The vibrant backpack has been custom-shaped to show off his big ears, with stitched elements adding a 3D aspect to his face. It includes 2 zipper closures, an elegant metal plaque, adjustable shoulder straps, top carry handle, faux leather, and a printed interior lining.

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