DC Comics - The Joker (Death of the Family) US Exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl

Batman: Death of the Family - The Joker Pop! Vinyl Figure

We all know The Joker is one evil dude, relatable in some ways, but all in all he just wants to watch the world burn. It’s this sadistic mindset that makes him such a terrifying villain, and this taste for misery is on full display in the DC Comics series Batman: Death of the Family.

After requesting that Dollmaker surgically remove his face a year prior, so that he could pin it to his cell wall as a sign of his rebirth (see, told you he was sadistic), Joker returns here and recovers his preserved face, killing 19 police officers in the process. As a fan of 1997’s Face Off, that’s pretty damn badarse if you ask me!

You’ll see Joker comes complete with his reattached face, well, almost reattached since we can still see the exposed flesh underneath. It’s arguably the most sickening Joker Pop! Vinyl to date, which makes it an absolute necessity for any true DC Funko collection.

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