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Beanie Boos XL Magic - Pink Unicorn
Magic is made from a fuzzy pink material with purple, sparkly hooves and horn and purple fabric for the inside of her ears. She has large purple and black eyes and purple stitching for his nostrils and mouth.

Everyone loves my pretty pink fur
And casting spells is fun for sure!
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Beanie Boos XL Dotty - Multicoloured Leopard
Dotty is a rainbow coloured leopard covered in black spots. She has large, glittery pink button eyes and a bright pink button nose with an embroidered mouth. Dotty has a white belly and face and she has a stripe of pink over her nose. The inside of her ears are shiny and pink.

If you stare at my bold colored spots
They might start to look like big crazy dots!

Collectors note
Dotty’s Birthday is on 16th June.
179.99 179.99 179.99 AUD Add to Cart